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General Purpose Commercial Freeze Dryers (GPC Range)

Our flagship General Purpose Range (GPC) of commercial freeze dryers has been designed and optimised to suit the broadest range of products and applications. Using CO2 refrigerant, these machines combine high performance and a large product capacity with lower running costs and a low environmental footprint. Download the PDF: GPC Comparison Spec sheet
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Document and Artefacts Freeze Dryer Range (DD Range)

Our Document Dryer Range (DD) of commercial freeze dryers has been developed and optimised specifically for document drying and disaster relief. Cartons of documents or books can be placed in the supplied product trollies, while furniture and textiles can also be dried in these large product chambers. Download the PDF: General Spec Sheet DDryers
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HiLyph Freeze Dryer Range for Commercial Cannabis Products

Optimised for cannabis and other leafy bulky products, our Hi-Lyph Range (HL) of commercial freeze dryers is based on our GPC Range while boasting a few key design changes to optimise it to dry Cannabis. Design features include wider shelf spacing as standard and pre-programmed recipes developed specifically for this product.

Download the PDF: HL Comparison Spec Sheet
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Machines for Freeze Drying at a Lower Temperature (LT Range)

Our Low Temperature Range (LT) of commercial freeze dryers is specifically designed for products that are difficult to freeze due to high sugar or acid content. Based on the GPC Range, product capacity is matched, however the ice coil is set at a significantly lower temperature and operated using R507 refrigerant. Trials are underway to determine if the General Purpose Range (GPC) will offer similar results utilising CO2, hence offering a more 'greener' alternate and lower running costs. Watch this space !
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