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Engineering Innovation

Cuddon Freeze Dry are at the forefront of innovation across multiple industries and six continents, enabling our own clients, in turn, to be at the forefront of their industry.

We have been designing and building turn-key freeze dry solutions for clients world-wide since 1963. We are recognised as the global experts in this field, with a rich history of engineering innovation.


Freeze Drying Applications

Freeze drying is the ultimate preservation technique that maximises the retention of a product's flavour, colour, appearance, aroma, and/or bioactive components. This gives industry leaders a clear competitive advantage.

This innovative method eliminates moisture content from products without physically heating the product, thereby safeguarding their integrity and substantially extending their shelf life. The result is a collection of high-quality premium consumer products that consistently meet customers' expectations.

Food Processing

Food & Ingredients

All foodstuffs and ingredients destined for human consumption, petfood or other industries can be freeze dried, generously preserving nutrients, colour, aroma, flavour size and shape.

Pet Food

Petfood & Animal Nutrition

Our freeze dryers are designed to support this growing sector, whether our clients are starting with by-products from other industries or preparing a product using Grade 1 ingredients.



Bioactivity is preserved through freeze drying, whether you are starting with a Grade 1 product, a fermented product or by-product, while colour, flavour and aroma is enhanced.

Dairy Industry


Dairy in any form (solids, liquids or slurries) can be freeze dried to create premium products: snacks, an ingredient or flavouring, dehydrated meals or a product for the nutraceutical market.



Our HL (Hi-Lyph) range has been specially developed to cater to our cannabis clients who are looking to preserve the bioactives of the cannabis plant and achieve a quality product.

Document Recovery

Artefact & Document Recovery

Cuddon document dryers are specifically designed to freeze dry large artefacts and cartons of documents by gently removing moisture content and help reinstate structure, colour and form, stabilising artefacts and damaged documents, and arresting further degradation.



All fermented products can be freeze dried gently to retain microbials, whether products are intended for human consumption, animal nutrition or for use in other industries.

Other Novel Uses

Other Novel Uses

As anything with a moisture content can be freeze dried, freeze drying is flexible in its use, keeping pace across industry, enabling clients to create new and innovative freeze dried products for consumers.


Research & Development

Freeze drying removes moisture content and stabilises the product enabling testing and analysis. An essential part of commercial research and development is being able to achieve replicable results.



Flavours and colours can be intensified during the freeze dry process and used across the health and beauty industries to create nutraceuticals or to impart flavour, colour and aroma in products.



Our freeze dryers can be built to accommodate a large array of animals. Removing water content stabilises the body, preserving the animal in perpetuity or for future analysis.

Why Freeze Dry?

Freeze drying removes moisture content without heating or damaging a product, unlike other drying processes: during spray drying products are exposed to higher temperatures which could degrade a products bioactivity, while dehydrators shrink products (and can make them rock hard), and baking or grilling products changes their chemical composition.

Just add water! - Or another fluid or flavour. Freeze drying creates a honeycomb texture and retains a product’s size and shape. Due to holes left by ice crystals during the freeze dry process, rehydration is quick and easy.

Cuddon freeze dryers can freeze dry anything with a moisture content. Using fresh, frozen, fermented or cooked products as a starter, clients use our machines for multiple products which can be freeze dried whole, sliced, minced, slurried or in liquid form.

A product without moisture content can be preserved for longer. With quality packaging to block light/UV, heat and oxidization, the ability of a product to downgrade is significantly reduced, increasing shelf life.