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Freeze Dry Systems

Cuddon Freeze Dry manufacture a range of quality freeze dryers for a large variety of commercial applications. We also design custom state-of-the art freeze drying equipment.

Our four ranges are designed for performance, scalability and can also be adapted to client needs. Our design and build service is based on collaboration; combining your industry specific knowledge and our decades of expertise to design and build a freeze dryer from the ground up to give you a competitive edge

Why Choose Cuddon Freeze Dry?

We are the experts - designing all machines with energy & cost efficiency in mind for sustainability, profitability and consistency in the quality of your product. We are aware of the various standards, laws & requirements in different parts of the world and offer design, build, installation and training with a complete start to finish customer experience for you and your team. No matter where you are in the world - If you need a top quality commercial freeze dryer – talk to our knowledgeable team today to find out how a Cuddon Freeze Dryer will give you the edge and help your business succeed.