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Cuddon Freeze Dry provides clients with a commercial advantage. Our freeze dryers can freeze dry anything with a moisture content without damaging its physical structure. Engineered for resilience, our freeze dryers deliver high-quality, efficient and replicable results.

Why Freeze Dry?

Freeze drying removes moisture content without heating or damaging a product, unlike other drying processes: during spray drying products are exposed to higher temperatures which could degrade a products bioactivity, while dehydrators shrink products (and can make them rock hard), and baking or grilling products changes their chemical composition.

Just add water! - Or another fluid or flavour. Freeze drying creates a honeycomb texture and retains a product’s size and shape. Due to holes left by ice crystals during the freeze dry process, rehydration is quick and easy.

Cuddon freeze dryers can freeze dry anything with a moisture content. Using fresh, frozen, fermented or cooked products as a starter, clients use our machines for multiple products which can be freeze dried whole, sliced, minced, slurried or in liquid form.

A product without moisture content can be preserved for longer. With quality packaging to block light/UV, heat and oxidization, the ability of a product to downgrade is significantly reduced, increasing shelf life.