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Cuddon Freeze Dry provides clients with a commercial advantage. Our freeze dryers can freeze dry anything with a moisture content without damaging its physical structure. Engineered for resilience, our freeze dryers deliver high-quality, efficient and replicable results.

Striking Liquid Gold

Dairy products may be fresh, concentrated, fermented or a result of a complex process of preparation – or they may be an accidental by-product of another process that on testing contains desirable microbial characteristics. Lactoferrin which was once thrown away as a waste product from cheese making, is now regarded as ‘Liquid Gold’ in the dairy industry. Freeze drying provides new product opportunities.

Download PDF: The positive case for freeze drying to preserve Lactoferrin

Download PDF: Spray or Freeze-Drying for Lactoferrin?

Why Freeze Dry?

Freeze drying removes moisture content without heating or damaging a product, unlike other drying processes: during spray drying products are exposed to higher temperatures which could degrade a products bioactivity, while dehydrators shrink products (and can make them rock hard), and baking or grilling products changes their chemical composition.

Just add water! - Or another fluid or flavour. Freeze drying creates a honeycomb texture and retains a product’s size and shape. Due to holes left by ice crystals during the freeze dry process, rehydration is quick and easy.

Cuddon freeze dryers can freeze dry anything with a moisture content. Using fresh, frozen, fermented or cooked products as a starter, clients use our machines for multiple products which can be freeze dried whole, sliced, minced, slurried or in liquid form.

A product without moisture content can be preserved for longer. With quality packaging to block light/UV, heat and oxidization, the ability of a product to downgrade is significantly reduced, increasing shelf life.

Related Products

FD100GPC Freeze Dryer

The smallest of our General Purpose (GPC) range of commercial freeze dryers, Cuddon's FD100GPC model has a 100kg ice capacity and 9.1m2 shelf area and is capable of drying a variety of biological, pharmaceutical, nutritional and general food products.
Ideal for small commercial batches, or as an R&D machine, the FD100GPC is a plug and play model that is easily relocatable as required.

FD600GPC Freeze Dryer

With 6 times the shelf capacity of the FD100GPC, Cuddon's FD600GPC freeze drying machine has a 600kg ice capacity and 56.8m2 of shelf area. Available with an integral equipment skid and single door, or as a 2 door version with remote equipment skid it wet/dry zoning is required, this is a large commercial scale freeze dryer with an incredibly small footprint. A great starter machine for large commercial loads, or ideal in a contract drying facility for multiple different loads.

FD1200GPC Freeze Dryer

The FD1200GPC is an industrial freeze dryer with a 1,200kg ice capacity, 113.7m2 shelf area and doors at both ends. This freeze drying machinery is ideal for large scale, commercial freeze drying applications, such as food processing.

We custom design and build freeze dryers to meet our clients’ needs.

Using the parameters of our standard range, we collaborate with our clients to create a custom-built solution.