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Shelf capacity 170.5m2 on 19 shelves
Performance ice test 1800kg ice sublimated in sub 24 hrs
Average yield of dry product per cycle 360 kg based on 1800 kg wet product @ 80% moisture
Potential heat energy recovery 140 kW
Peak power requirement 240kW, 50 or 60 Hz
Est. Energy consumption 1.6 kWh / kg
Est. Typical operational power consumption (Dry) 120 kW

Ice condenser capacity 1800kg
Ice condenser temperature -55⁰C
Shelf temperature range -35⁰C to 70⁰C
Shelf spacing (mm) 35mm
Product tray material Food grade anodised aluminium
Number of product trays 336 per cycle (2 sets supplied)
Heating / cooling medium Temper 55
Number of doors on product chamber 2 (one on each end)
Plant equipment Plant on separate skid

Overall footprint 7.20m (L) x 2.80m (W) x 2.58m (H)
Plant skid footprint 5.80m (L) x 2.00m (W) x 2.35m (H)
Weight 33,500 kg
Product trays size 1025mm x 495mm x 20mm

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